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Do you need Math Skills to Code

People often think that in order to do any kind of coding that they need high level math skills. Is this true? Short answer, no. Long answer (predictably) is that it depends on what you want to do. Different languages are used to accomplish different tasks, so some are more algorithmic than others and require more math/problem solving skills to use.

HTML and CSS, which are the fundamental languages used for building websites, require more design skills than math. In HTML math isn’t required at all and the most math you’ll need to use when using CSS is knowing percentages so that you can layout a website properly, but even if you don’t know them you’re able to play around with them until you achieve what you’re looking for.

Now if you’re looking to code a games or something even more complex you’ll almost certainly need some math skills, but probably not as much as most people would assume. For the most part I would say low-level algebra and solid problem solving skills are all you really need. For example, if you’re looking to code something relatively simple like tic-tac-toe you’ll need to establish variables for each square that can have their values changed based on the user input, aka X=”blank”. Of course more complex games would require more variables for even more user input but the basics are likely to be the same. Now if you want to get into data analytics or AI development you should definitely expect more complicated math to be required.



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